Marathon Green Space

As Marathon ramps up its efforts to acquire properties near its ever-expanding refinery in Southwest Detroit, property owners should be cautious before jumping on the first offer made by Marathon.  For example, some issues property owners should be comfortable with prior to accepting any offer include, but are not limited to:
1.  Residents should not waive their rights to injury caused by pollution.  Residents may have already lost their rights to personal injury claims, but that is a decision for an appropriate lawyer to make.
2.  Owners should be made whole for increased taxes for any replacement home.
3.  Marathon should work with the owners to obtain discounts on mortgages and land contracts.
4.  One Thousand ($1,000.00) Dollars for the entry into the early appraisal process should be a non-refundable payment.
5. Marathon should choose its own appraisers and not force the owners to appoint an appraiser.
6.  The proposal does not take the other issues into account, such as the damage and risk to the commercial properties in the area. 
7.  Marathon should pay reasonable attorney fees and closing costs to close the property being sold and, if any, the replacement property.

The above list is not a wholly inclusive set of concerns, but offers the owners in the area a starting point of what should be considered prior to accepting an offer.  While this office does represent landowners in their negotiations with Marathon, this office does not handle the final closings on the residential properties.  There are lawyers who are seeking or are already performing services for residents.  Among them is Gary Howard at -(313) 849-5516. 

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