Tulsa Gets It Wrong

Tulsa does not have enough experience on how to deal with an expressway condemnation. However, having the proposed Gilcrease Expressway being built with no time line on when it is to be built makes absolutely no sense. A process which states that a public use is anything the government wants to do that is public does not fulfill the expectations of a population that expects the government only to acquire property when it really needs it. Here, owners in Tulsa, Oklahoma will have no idea when the expressway will be built so the final plans can be made to take into consideration the proximity to the new road. This is the kind of situation in which I am surprised the owners do not have a competent eminent domain lawyer like Bob Nichol speaking on their behalf.


"Now, I’ve got a driveway that’s like this. It’s like a ski slope," Barrett said. "The driveway failed. It started sinking, because they didn’t pack the dirt right."

"There was some cracking. It’s my understanding all of that has been fixed, and if there is new cracking—yes, we’ll fix it," Som de Cerff said.

All of the construction on the roads around Mackey and Barrett’s property is complete for now.

The city said they’re still waiting on money to finish the Gilcrease Expressway. There’s no timeline on when that money will come in.