Taking For Less Than Public Use Renders Large Verdict


Although the jury awarded Everton $1.5 million more than NRHA had originally planned, Everton said the issue is not financial. "It’s not about the money. Not with the blood, sweat and tears that [have] taken to get to the level we’re at right now," Everton said. Everton and his lawyer, Joe Waldo, will be taking the case to the Virginia Supreme Court. "Howard is going to fight for his property," Waldo said. "He has said that all along, but it also says more than anything the Housing Authority tried to take that property cheap for a developer and today a jury said they were wrong." http://news.yahoo.com/local-business-gets-nearly-4-232832243.html



A jury awarded $4,000,000 for property premised upon just compensation being paid. Part of the reality is that juries, as well as the public, take great offense at anyone simply acquiring property because someone else can make more valuable use of the property. This created a jury verdict to outstanding Virginia lawyer, Joe Waldo’s client!