Will Ohio Racino Traffic Harm Adjacent Owners?

“We’re really starting from scratch on this,” Tunison said. “We put together some conceptional plans to try to address this, but we realize it’s much more complicated than what we first put together. We’re going to be looking at the whole area to determine what are the best improvements that we can put together.”

One company that is particularly concerned about how traffic will ultimately be rerouted is Trader’s World, who could lose some or all of the front lot of their property based on some scenarios.

“Trader’s World has a very vibrant operation in the the flea market there. There are huge numbers of cars that come there on the weekend,” said Richard Glazer, an eminent domain attorney for the Frick family, which owns Trader’s World.



Without question, the construction of a Warren County, Ohio racino will dramatically affect traffic in the area. As described by outstanding Southern Ohio eminent domain attorney, Richard Glazer, the market is already vibrant, and the traffic is already substantial. Reconstruction or reconfiguration of the road for only the racino will be devastating to nearby businesses and the Hospital.