Flood Control in Minot


North and South Dakota were overwhelmed by the problem of flood control. Given the topography along the rivers, the flooding issue has increased over the last ten to fifteen years in the two States.

Minot passed flood control ordinances providing severe limitations on the future use of property. Properties effectively will lose much of their value at the end of their use. Yet, without flood control ordinances, the acquisition of flood insurance is well near impossible. This leaves owners in a Catch 22 situation.


For flooded Minot homeowners still struggling to recover, buyout money from federal hazard mitigation funds could be a blessing.

For flooded homeowners who don’t wish to sell or relocate, the mitigation money not only is unnecessary but the strings attached may seem onerous. Flood insurance requirements, restrictive building codes and residential lots that would forever be vacant are a few of the reasons for taking a pass on the federal money and on the expanded flood-plain designation that is required to get those dollars.