Seven Years to Complete the International Bridge Crossing?

 The notion that the new International Bridge Crossing will take seven years to complete (with an explanation of even when acquisitions will occur) presents interesting questions.

Are PR agents already out there, telling people that it will be year two when their properties will be acquired?

Will owners have a longer time to move businesses or homes should the time be required for their business or institutional survival?

Don’t expect much actual construction in Year 1, although crews may begin to relocate utilities at the construction site. Authorities will begin to buy the property needed for the bridge approaches and customs plazas. Preliminary design survey work begins.

Year 2: Authorities will complete land acquisition for the span. Utility relocation continues. Design work for the service drives, ramps, etc. continues. Some early construction may begin if all the necessary right-of-way parcels are acquired.

Year 3: There’s lots of work on the approaches in Year 3, including both design work and some construction.