Water Company Facing the Meat Cleaver

In setting up the public hearings requiring a response after holding pro-government hearings to acquire a portion of Aqua Indiana, Fort Wayne is setting up Aqua Indiana for a Star Chamber proceeding. However, numerous meetings ahead of time is an invitation for people to be revved up and angry without regard to whether the utility properly can service the community. This is a tough way for a utility invested in the community to fairly have the opportunity to respond. Is this process really required?




The Indiana Utility Regulatory Commission is requiring Aqua Indiana to improve its system in the event of another drought that could create what the commission deems an unacceptable fire protection risk because of the possibility of inadequate water pressure.

On Nov. 30, the IURC released the second phase of an audit evaluating the utility’s ability to meet challenges it faces serving southwest Fort Wayne residents during a drought.

City of Fort Wayne officials said the audit findings support a decision to move forward with the condemnation process. But the company believes it can make other arrangements with the city that would render condemnation unnecessary.

About 70 percent of Aqua Indiana’s 12,000 southwest Fort Wayne customers live within city limits, and Henry has said he is committed to helping them solve the water challenges they face.