An Unbalanced Newspaper Article

One looks for balance on newspaper articles. However, when the article simply states that the owner is going to get stuck with the government’s offer, the writer simply has not garnered all the information one would expect. Maybe the government’s offer is right. Yet, it may not be. The Lathrop, California acquisition may not be quite as simple as the writer would have you believe.

On Monday the council voted unanimously to take the first step in condemning the property, starting the legal process that could very well end up with the property owner walking away with the $575,000 that the city initially offered after an appraisal late last year. 

The 6.15-acre parcel – which is zoned neighborhood commercial is completely barren – is slated to be a major part of the pending project. According to City Engineer Mary Grace Houlihan, the largest portion of the property will house part of the road while the rest will be set aside for the back slope and a major storm retention basin that will handle the water runoff for the new frontage road.