The Effects of a Pipeline



When a pipeline is transporting gas in the Eagle Ford Shale area, it provides for an expensive and profitable venture affecting owners in the path of the pipeline.


When the community desires to extend its water pipelines on the same route, the dangers of water and the effect on the property of water simply does not provide the same dangers as the shale pipeline.

The city says those land owners are now asking for the same price for a pipeline that carries not oil, but water. The city can’t pay those high prices and says if landowners won’t negotiate more reasonable prices they will be forced to get the land another way.

"If we’re not able to do that than we do reserve the right to employ eminent domain," said Assistant City Manager Oscar Martinez.

That is the power the city has to take private property without the owners permission for the good of the public. The city would then pay a market price value, which they believe to be much lower than what Eagle Ford Shale paid.