Logansport, Indiana Enters Dream World

Sometimes communities can better handle water utility issues. When a major upgrade is required, federal funds may not as readily available to private utilities as to the public. However, the Logansport, Indiana dream of acquiring a railroad to "better position businesses in the community" does not meet with reality. Other than the fact that there will be plenty of jobs if the railroad is publicly owned, one cannot imagine why a well-run and regulated entity would have to give up this long-running business.


“The entire goal of this whole thing is to better position businesses in Logansport that could potentially use rail,” Franklin said.

Franklin referred to the former Toledo Peoria & Western Railway, now owned by Genesee & Wyoming Inc., that goes through the city. He said access and fees would be much more agreeable to businesses using the railway if it was maintained by a port authority.

“Other railroads can get on it and they can pull their cars across it but it has very limited access and is very expensive to get across,” Franklin said. “A port authority would ease that greatly.”

Franklin also said having authority over the Logansport & Eel River Railroad would improve rail access as well, as it ties into the Winamac and Southern Railway and the Norfolk and Southern Railway, which has lines traversing the Midwest and the Eastern Seaboard.