Water and Sewer Expenses are Substantial

The Worth Township in St. Clair County now understands the importance of clean water. Part of the process is maintaining proper sewage capacity.

In this particular situation, rather than obtaining a whole new sewer plant, the Township decided to use what is called the Lagoon System, a system that works in the short run, but likely will only be a stopgap until there is a greater density of population, at which time the sewer plant would be required. In the interim, the Dimovskis will likely lose their property.


“The acquisition of one property and easements on about 100 others is necessary to begin a sewer project mandated by the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality nearly a decade ago, Worth Township Supervisor Phil Essenmacher said.

“We’re in the easement and acquisition process,” Essenmacher said. “One of the properties that we need is that property we’re putting the lagoon on.”

The 72-acre parcel is owned by brothers Slavko and Vojno Dimovski, according to court records.

Essenmacher said the brothers are willing to sell the property, but they can’t come to an agreement with the township on price.”