Enbridge Energy Line Moves Forward

In an article which is bent on attacking Enbridge, the company is trying to defend itself from the disaster on the Kalamazoo River. This is a very difficult situation for Enbridge to defend, because the oil spill that occurred was just horrifying.

Enbridge is constructing a replacement pipeline so as to avoid the problems from occurring again.

The notion that there is no damage is ridiculous is many situations, and in many situations the notion that there is damage may be just as ridiculous. However, Enbridge will have to work through this process, on a parcel by parcel basis, and Michigan property owners will have the opportunity to exercise the constitutional right of defending themselves from the taking and for the payment of Just Compensation.

Livingston Daily

The existing piping would remain in the ground, but will be taken offline, purged of oil and filled with nitrogen, Martucci explained. The old pipes would be monitored.

Some property owners may be asked to provide up to an additional 25 feet of easement for the project, he added.

He said landowners would be compensated on a case-by-case basis based on prevailing land values, and to the degree properties are altered for the work.

Martucci said the Marshall incident is inconsequential to the current proposal. He said the Marshall incident is still being investigated by the National Transportation Safety Board, and is being addressed by Enbridge.