Hancock County, Ohio Flood Control Issues

Hancock County and the federal government cannot come to terms on the construction of flood control in the County. Apparently, the price of the project has now gone up, precipitating the federal government to state that there is no economic enhancement in the project.

Realistically, the State of Ohio desires the project to move forward so that the area is removed in order to construction a larger retention will provide fill for the future I-75/Ohio 15 interchange. This would provide the ODOT with a considerable cost savings. At the same time, the cost of the project has increased so dramatically so the government wonders whether a more reasonable project may be obtained without necessarily benefitting the Department of Transportation, but creating a more cost effective approach.

In the meantime, the owners about to be acquired for this project are left in this uncertain atmosphere of not knowing what to do. Development and normal business operations are inhibited if not prohibited.


“Corps reviewers found that the estimated cost of the Eagle Creek diversion channel, which had been set at $60.5 million, was too low, and increased the estimate to $80 million. The added expense reduced the benefit-to-cost ratio of the project enough that, as currently proposed, the corps no longer considers the plan economically feasible.

A plan proposed by Findlay Mayor Lydia Mihalik to the county commissioners in March would abandon the chief’s report and federal funding, and instead rely on local and state funding to build the channel.”