Walking Into a Storm

The Peters Township School Board and the local community determined it would be best to acquire a former country club site which has been recently sold. Apparently, the intent, at least in part, is to avoid further development of the community.

It is just this development which creates value in the property. Without question, the purchaser has spent substantial time in determining the property could be bought for 8.7 million dollars and profitably developed. The School Board probably assumes it will simply write a check for 8.7 million dollars and say goodbye to all. If so, the District Board and the Community are dreaming, in what will likely result as a very bad dream.

“The township has been looking at the site as a possible location for recreation facilities such as a pool. The school district has said the property would be used for school facilities.

Peters Council is scheduled to vote on Monday.

The resolution states that by eminent domain code, the school district is “authorized and empowered” to acquire by condemnation any lands or buildings for proper school purposes.

The school board and council made a joint offer on the property located along East McMurray Road in June, but it was rejected.

In late June, the property was sold to Pinehurst Partners, LLC at a price of $8.7 million, according to the recorder of deeds.”

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