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Columbia Gas Storage Cases Get Hot

The Columbia Gas Company has filed a countersuit to the class action filed by property owners who have lost their gas and given up gas storage rights to expanding and seeping Columbia Gas storage fields.

The class action was filed by the Vorys firm, a law firm which maintains a number of capable and highly competent attorneys well versed in mineral rights and eminent domain. The Columbia countersuit probably is improperly filed because FERC has not has yet been granted the right to condemn.

These cases will require serious and substantial expertise to be properly presented. Attached is an article explaining the lawsuit, but an interesting commentary is made by Royce Larsen, who lost property for gas storage in another state at the end of the article.

Hiring competent counsel is the key. All too often, cases are solicited by individuals who have no sense of how to properly proceed on behalf of property owners.
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According to court records, the landowners who filed the class action lawsuit do not have a lease signed with Columbia Gas.

However, the landowners’ properties are being used by Columbia Gas Transmission as part of underground storage facilities.

The original lawsuit filed is asking for fair compensation for the landowners.

The case is not about challenging the need for underground storage facilities, but instead asking for fair compensation. The lawsuit claims the landowners are not being compensated for the use of the storage space under their property, and that the land is being used without their permission.